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2 Inconsequential and Trusting Strangers Free 2/21-22!

2 More Kindle Books free this weekend! Inconsequential (Book 2 of J+P series) free Feb. 21-22, 2015 YA Fiction, dealing with relationships, emotional abuse, cutting, and finding true love. Perry is back for her sophomore year, anxious to bask in the freedom and independence that college brings. All summer she anticipated being reunited with her friends who have been a huge support system in her life. But this might be her last year.

Perry's tyrant parents threaten to remove her from school if she does not excel. She has to achieve high grades and be accepted into the highly competitive junior year Life Science classes in order to stay. She can't imagine leaving this school or her friends - so failing is not an option.

Her plan is to keep her head down and not be distracted by the opposite sex. But will obstacles get in the way of her success? Will she be able to ignore her hormones and the guys on campus? Is she smart enough and studious enough to make …

I want to read your free Kindle book but don't have a kindle!

I hear this all the time.  If you have a smart phone, or a computer (mac or pc)...keep reading!  You can get kindle for your device free and read any kindle book.On smart phone go to your app store (google play, or itunes app store) and download kindle app. For the computer, you go to and they have links for kindle for pc or mac, download the one you need. Then open up the kindle app or program. Sign in with your account info or if you don't have an acct...create a username and password.  You can shop for kindle books, or download free ones.  If you get this far and want to download one of my books such as for Rarity Roach and you should see it.  Click on it, be sure price is $0.00 (2/14-15) so you get the deal on the promo days and click that you want to buy/download it.  That's it.  Happy reading!

Rarity and Tethered for Kindle free 2/14-2/15

I believe in true love.

Both of these stories have two people falling into deep, unconditional true love with another.  

Rarity explores the emotions a teen faces as he is diagnosed with the rare disorder of #VascularEhlersDanlosSyndrome.

Tethered (Book 1 of J+P series) is the story of a girl heading to her first year of college.  Perry is not your typical teen, her home life is not like others.  She lives in a nice house with both her parents, is going to a good school, follows the rules, gets good grades - but it's not good enough. College introduces Perry to freedom, to caring and supportive relationships, to love...real love.  Tethered is a story of learning about emotional abuse and self-harm and trying to become free of them.    Below is a scene from Chapter 13:
***** The plan was to congregate in Lauren and Mags room at 8PM with sleepover items.  There were nine of us crammed in the room and we all staked out a spot.  This …